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Our five course breakfasts always begin with fresh fruit and vanilla yogurt or a fruit smoothie. For a full Inn we usually do a beautiful buffet for breakfast with the same food. We do a variety of egg dishes: scrambled, fried, omelets, strata’s and frittatas, eggs Benedict. We serve an old pancake recipe from the 1951 Fannie Farmer cookbook and French toast at times. Meats: pork loin, bacon, ham, and sometimes breakfast fried chicken or shrimp and grits. Sometimes Rick gets creative and makes tasty breakfast casseroles. We usually have potatoes in a variety of ways. Old fashioned grits or oatmeal. Homemade biscuits and/or muffins.. Always fresh flowers on the tables. Lovely fruit, flower, vegetable/mushroom, and herb garnishes are beautiful surprises to the presentations each morning. Coffee, teas, and juices are served with each meal.

Our world famous kitchen is closed on Monday mornings( unless the Inn is almost full then we’ll cook); otherwise, we send our Sunday night guests to the Senoia Coffee Company for a complimentary breakfast on us. We also provide our guests access to extra waters and soft drinks from our kitchen fridge. We serve homemade cake or cookies to arriving guests.

“We try very hard to give our guests a good variety during their stay”.

Oh how could we forget desert: peach cobbler and freshly whipped vanilla/almond cream.

Special event lunches, brunches and dinners available for groups and parties by reservation.